What is subscription conversion? How it works?

1. What is subscription conversion?

We value each user's experience, and if you are not satisfied with your current subscription or are seeking a higher quality experience, you can use this feature to convert your current subscription to another one.
For example, if you are experiencing frequent household verifications with a 5-person shared Netflix account, switching to a subscription shared by fewer people may alleviate the issues to some extent.

2. How to do it?

(a) Visit GamsGo > 'Subscription' > Your subscription

If your subscription support conversion, you can see 'Convert to another subscription' button on 'Get login verification link' section

(b) Click 'Convert to another subscription'

You can see the conversion options of your current subscription.

(c) Click 'Submit subscription conversion request'

(d) After you successfully submit subscription request, you can see 'Conversion in progress' on your current subscription.

(e) You can click 'Conversion in progress' to see the details of conversion or cancel the request.

Frequently asked questions about subscription conversion

1. Can I still use my current subscription while waiting for the conversion to process?

Yes, you can continue using your current subscription until the conversion to the new subscription is successful. The current subscription will remain active until it is successfully converted to the target subscription.

2. How is the time calculated after the subscription conversion? When does the remaining time start?

You can see the conversion ratio to the target subscription on the subscription conversion page. The remaining time on your current subscription will be recalculated from the time the conversion is successful.
For example, if your current subscription has 1000 days left, and the conversion ratio to the target subscription is 0.25, then you will have 250 days in the target subscription = 1000 * 0.25 (remaining time is calculated from the time of successful conversion).

3. Why does subscription conversion require waiting?

Subscription conversion requires time to process and prepare orders. Additionally, wait times may vary due to a high volume of conversion requests.

4. I have applied for a subscription conversion, can I cancel at any time?

You can cancel your request at any time before the subscription is successfully converted.

5. I have successfully converted my subscription but now regret it. Can I restore my previous subscription?

Once a subscription is successfully converted, the new subscription will not retain any information from the previous subscription (such as viewing records, playlists, etc.). A successfully converted subscription cannot be restored, so please consider your subscription conversion request carefully.

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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