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【Spotify】How to set the password?

Tutorial 1

Log in Gamsgo without registration via your personal email.

Click "Subscription" at the top right of the interface.

Click the "set" button and click confirm, the Spotify account will be copied to clipboard automatically.

Paste the Spotify account and click 'Send'.

Check the Spotify password change email in your Gamsgo login mailbox.

Click 'Reset password' in this email.

Enter the Spotify password you want to set.

Tutorial 2

If the password we show you can be used normally, you can directly use the password we provide

If the password does not work properly, you can follow Tutorial 1.

Warm tip
If you are having trouble setting your password. Contact our online customer service, we can forward the email of setting the password to your gamsgo user mailbox

Or open a ticket here and tell that your purpose is to set a spotify password, and provide the password you want to set. Our customer service will help you set a password

Updated on: 03/01/2023

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