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[Netflix] Advanced Resolution Strategies: When Your Device Displays 'Not Part of Your Netflix Household'

Netflix has started implementing a household system for some users, resulting in the message "This device isn’t part of your Netflix Household" appearing on certain devices.

Here's our solution:

Click on "I'm Traveling" / "Watch Temporarily" to obtain a verification link via GamsGo.

❌My TV/device doesn’t have 'I'm Traveling' or 'Watch Temporarily'

It's important to note that if your TV device has already been associated with your home WiFi network, it will no longer be usable on that network. Therefore, you must use a new network or mobile data.

For different devices, please follow these guidelines:

For TVs:

Log out of your account.
Restart the TV router or change devices and networks.
Log back in

For Smartphones/Tablets/Laptops:

Log out of your account.
Clear data and cache or reinstall the client.
Connect using a different network than before.

Then, try to log in again.

If you are still affected by the household restriction, use a different device and ensure that you do not use the same network as other devices.

Updated on: 09/05/2024

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